This is why Kate Hudson’s son wasn’t happy about her buzz cut

If you haven’t heard the news by now, Kate Hudson is rocking a buzz cut these days and she’s pulling it off spectacularly well. She revealed the stunning cut in July, and rumor has it that she made the transformation for her role in the new Sia movie, Sister. But even though she definitely proved her dedication to her craft, there was a secondary reason why she lost her blonde locks — her son, Ryder.

Ryder, who Hudson shares with ex Chris Robinson, was born back in 2004. Earlier this year, he turned 13. Thus, he’s probably pretty invested in his sense of style. And according to Entertainment Tonight, Hudson admitted that she copied his look while getting the dramatic cut.

"I copied Ryder," Hudson said. "Ryder had it way before, Ryder's been buzzing his head for a long time. Ryder's like, 'Mom, you're cramping my style.'"

We have to admit, the two could pass as twins in this photo that Hudson shared on Instagram.

Photos of Hudson showcasing her hair are a bit more rare than you may assume. While she always looks confident and proud in photos of the buzz cut shared online, she often chooses to wear hats outside.

Hudson admitted that both of of them probably won’t be keeping the look for very long.

"Now it's starting to grow out, and Ryder's growing his out," she said to Entertainment Tonight.

So, who knows? Maybe the two will go different ways as far as styling is concerned. All we know is that her buzz cut is proof that Hudson can pull off anything and make it look incredible.

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