This is what your favorite color says about you, according to “color psychology”

In things we just learned existed and now want to know everything about: Apparently there’s something called “color psychology,” and it can supposedly tell you what your favorite color says about your personality.

According to, colors stimulate our brains in specific ways, and our personal reactions to different colors — as well as the colors we’re drawn to — can say a lot about who we are. Some adherents to color psychology even suggest it’s so powerful that colors can be used to manipulate our brains during decision-making processes (aka the idea that if a store has a bright and cheery color-scheme, we might be more likely to shell out mula for something we don’t really need).

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This of course isn’t science per say, and definitely still sits firmly in the realm of “a lot more research needs to be done here,” but we have to admit, we’re incredibly curious about this as a tool for better understanding ourselves…and are dying to know what our favorite colors say about us.

So read on if you, too, are curious to know what your favorite color says about you.


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Blue is the color of “trust and responsibility,” according to the site “Empower Yourself with Color Psychology,” and people who love blue tend to seek stability above all else. You may also be a nostalgic person who dislikes change in your routine. You value trusting, stable relationships, and are known as a reliable, giving friend. You are genuine and sincere, and it may take a while for others to earn your trust, but once they do, they have it for life.


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According to Empower Yourself, red typically means you’re, “extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident.” You crave attention and win friends easily, and you may tend to be impulsive in your decision-making. Sex is super important to those who love red, and you may have a temper; however,  you’re completely a “doer,” and you never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.


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If your favorite color is purple (or violet) then you’re likely gentle, compassionate, and extremely understanding of others. You often put other’s needs above your own, and can sometimes be taken advantage of because of this. You also likely have a peaceful quality to your nature, and others may describe you as having a quiet dignity. You are creative — sometimes bordering on impractical — and generally introverted. You’re also likely drawn to the unconventional in your home decorating and decor.


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Of all the colors, green indicates the greatest balance between the head and the heart, and is often associated with equilibrium. However, because you often seek balance in life, you can become anxious when you do not feel you have it. Lovers of green are often practical, have high moral standards, and enjoy being part of a group and community. While a loyal friend and partner, you’re typically gentle, not passionate.


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Yellow-lovers are often fun, cheerful, and known for their sunny dispositions. You likely are full of creative ideas, but generally need help making those ideas a reality. You prefer to befriend a small number of like-minded people as opposed to being part of larger, less-intimate social groups, and you’re one of the more independent personality types. You’re at your best in pursuits of the mind, like chess and crossword puzzles, but can sometimes give advice or information on topics you don’t know much about. You also can be quick-thinking and fast on your feet, and you may tend to keep your real feelings to yourself, preferring to maintain a cheerful exterior.


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Pinks are the nurturers of the world, but they also love to be nurtured in return. You’re generally optimistic and can easily see the good in others, and you’re very in touch with your feminine side. You often come off as sweet and reserved, and one of your biggest challenges is trusting in yourself and your own self-reliance.


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Orange is associated with the boldness of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. You tend to be high-energy, optimistic, and good-natured. You’re also assertive without being aggressive — a rare and useful skill. You’re great at socializing and at bringing people together, often making yourself the self-appointed “bridge” between different groups at social gatherings. You love planning parties and festive events and are especially good at it, though you can become overly concerned with how you are perceived by others.


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Golds are incredibly unique and charismatic, and are great at putting others at ease. You tend to attract many friends because you make the people around you feel good about themselves. You also appreciate the finer things in life. You may tend to attract “false” friends, or people who are mostly interested in your wealth or what you can do for them; however, you’re careful about choosing romantic partners, so this doesn’t tend to affect your love life.


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Those who love black are all about prestige and power, and sometimes may take themselves a little too seriously for their own good. You may also keep people at arm’s length and maintain a cold exterior — but only because you’re secretly trying to protect yourself from hurt or harm. In many ways black is the color of protection, as it allows you to retreat from others while dealing with your own inner world and emotions.

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