This Is What It Sounds Like, When Dogs Cry

Surely some secret agent must have just dropped through a glass ceiling with a bungee cord, you’re thinking. But no — That shattering sound you heard? That’s the sound of your heart-breaking for this poor little pooch. I half expected him to shed an actual tear while watching in horror as Simba is left with his lifeless father’s body after the stampede scene in The Lion King. In between whimpers, the dog shoots wide-eyed glances at his owner, periodically returning his gaze to the TV screen in disbelief.

There’s almost nothing sadder than sad animals. Sadder-slash-cuter. So instead of trying to apologize to your friend for spilling red wine all over her beige suede sofa, show her this gallery of adorably sad animals instead. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Video via HuffPo