This is what happens when high school boys are treated like women in Congress

Men make up 80 percent of congress. The huge gender gap in government allows men to vote on issues that heavily impact women’s lives. Sounds pretty unfair, right?  Yea, it totally is and that’s exactly what history teacher and activist, Nicholas Ferroni, wanted his male students to learn in a recent social experiment with SoulPancake.  

To show his male students the injustice of gender disparity in policymaking, Ferroni held a mock class congress with 80 percent girls and 20 percent boys to vote on new school policies, such as a 21 percent discount on school related items for girls. As voting progressed in favor of the girls, the boys quickly became frustrated with their lack of power in the process.


That’s exactly what Ferroni wanted. “I have always used social experiments to teach historical and topical lessons, especially after seeing the Blue Eye Brown Eye experiment that an elementary school teacher did in the 1970s. Experience is the best way to learn and we rarely understand something until it happens to us,”  Ferroni told HelloGiggles. “So I do powerful experiments to teach my students about history, discrimination, and topical issues, and they are so effective.” 

By the end of the video, the male students definitely learned how frustrating it could be for a woman in congress. It was a powerful lesson that I am sure they will never forget. Watch the whole experiment below.