If this theory is correct, Kate isn’t the only Pearson sibling wracked with guilt about Jack’s death

This Is Us is great at giving us SO MANY FEELINGS, while keeping its secrets very, very close to the vest. Lately, we’ve finally been circling the circumstances around Jack’s death. We knew that Kate felt a lot of guilt and grief over her father’s death. But what we don’t really know is where Kevin and Jack’s relationship was at the time of his death.

While the Pearsons are, like, the most loving family on television, we know they have no shortage of squabbles. We’ve been mostly following Rebecca and Jack as they deal with Jack’s addiction via flashbacks. In the present, however, we’re starting to dig into Kevin’s lingering grief over Jack’s death — but is it guilt, too?

Reddit user ninjapoop7 theorized that Jack and Kevin were having it out about a potential painkiller addiction, and Kevin “moved out.”

Which would explain why Kate found him sleeping in a car that night. The user goes on to say that Jack probably went back in the house to get Kevin, who was injured. Only to realize he wasn’t there. Thus causing the guilt Kevin is still suffering from.

"My guess is that they were arguing about Kevin's potential painkiller addiction, and Jack trying to console Kevin about it. Jack obviously knows about addiction, and probably tried to intervene and help Kevin, making Kevin angry [so he ran] away from home that night. "So with the fire starting, Jack probably thought that Kevin, with a cast and unable to get out of a burning house on time, went to go find him, only to find he wasn't there."

Of course, we won’t know for sure until This is Us decides to reveal the true nature of Kevin’s inability to talk about his dad’s death. Not to mention how his dad actually died. We’re probably going to cry a few thousand times on our way to this reveal… But we’re looking forward to it anyway!

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