It’s not a twist, but “This Is Us” just dropped a huge game changer on us

There was literally no way to prepare for the end of the first season of This Is Us, but we sure tried. While many of us certainly stocked up on tissues and comfort food, going into the season finale, “Moonshadow,” none of us knew what to expect. Would this be the episode showing us Jack’s death? Would some other huge revelation be brought to life — and undoubtedly make us weep for days?

Honestly, what else is even out there for This Is Us to throw at us?

While the episode did not reveal Jack’s death (breaths huge sigh of relief) it did reveal something else just as shocking: Rebecca and Jack actually separated.

Separated — not divorced. That still remains to be seen. But, hats off to This Is Us, because over the last 18 episodes of the season there was never any indication that Jack and Rebecca split up.

“Moonshadow” completely takes place in the past, and the past-past. The episode is split between the the mid-90s (continuing on from the last episode, “What Now?”) and the year Jack and Rebecca met, 1972.

Back in ’72, neither Jack nor Rebecca is thrilled with their life. Jack’s still living at home with his parents, barely making any money. Rebecca, on the other hand, is out on her own and constantly reminded that she was completely alone — her friends are trying to set her up with some “nice guy.” A lady down the street is also trying to set Jack up with someone, too.

The episode leads us to believe that fate’s about to bring Jack and Rebecca together on a blind date, but not so fast. Rebecca actually has a date with this guy named Ethan…but she runs out of the date early because she’d much rather be singing at an open mic. Who happens to be at her open mic (and is also trying to rob the bar, but honestly, let’s forget that ever happened)? JACK. The two meet, fall in love, you know how it goes.

Except in the ’90s, Jack and Rebecca are not feeling the love. Jack has turned back to alcohol, Rebecca has given up on her music again, and the two have an incredibly heated argument about their lives, family responsibility, and how neither one of them is happy. They go to bed mad.

Remember how that one time, Jack slept outside the bedroom, because he didn’t want to be too far away from Rebecca? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. Jack sleeps on the couch downstairs, and that’s when Rebecca realizes that the two are broken. She apologizes, he apologizes, but then she drops her own bombshell:

She thinks Jack should go stay with Miguel for a while, so they can take a breather.

The episode ends with Jack giving a heart breaking, bearing-his-soul speech, that makes Rebecca (AND US) melt into a puddle.

But in the end, Jack still walks out the front door. If Season 2 is all about Rebecca and Jack repairing their broken relationship, and then he DIES, honestly, there aren’t enough tissues in the world to dry our tears. Better start stocking up now.

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