“This Is Us” will use the third timeline in Season 3, and our emotions are already wrecked

The Season 2 finale of This Is Us aired less than 12 hours ago, and the idea of Season 3 is already destroying our emotions. Why are we fixating so much on something we haven’t even seen yet? Because the NBC drama’s executive producer Elizabeth Berger revealed that all those flash-forward scenes are going to be the focus of next season. And we’re so not prepared for old man Randall and adult Tess going to see the mysterious “her” and what that means for all the women in the Pearson family. Is Beth dying? Is it Rebecca? Or Kate? Or maybe Deja? And why haven’t Randall and Tess seen this “her” in a while? Did they fight? Has this “her” been sick or away for a long time? Gah, so many questions!

Since flash-forwards are the new flashbacks, EW got Berger to elaborate a bit on what this new future timeline means for This Is Us moving forward. As for whether the “her” is Beth or Deja, Berger said:

"I cannot answer that, but I will say that we’ll definitely be revisiting that time period throughout our next season, and it will be revealed in season 3. I cannot even reveal if it was a fight they were speaking about. I don’t want to say anything about it, because I think we’re going to a really interesting and surprising place... Anything is possible."

The third timeline won’t just be confined to future Randall and Tess, which means get ready to see all the rest of your This Is Us baes in old makeup next year (if they’re even still alive in the future!). “We’re definitely going to continue to track Tess and Randall and what’s going on with them, but we do hope to eventually open up the world a bit, and you may see hints of what’s going on with other people too,” Berger said.

But that’s not the only new timeline on This Is Us! The Season 2 finale also revealed a year time-jump in which Kate was taking care of a deeply depressed Toby and Kevin was off to Vietnam with his new girlfriend/Tess’s cool cousin Zoe to learn more about Jack’s time in the army. That flash-forward will also be explored in depth next season. So if you’re keeping track, that is the fourth new timeline on this show, officially making This Is Us the new LOST.

“Obviously Kevin still feels like there’s a lot about his dad that he didn’t get to know, and there was a lot that was left unsaid between the two of them, and there’s definitely a curiosity that’s still burning within him,” Berger said. “He also has his movie coming out when we come up in Season 3, which is a war movie, so he’s going to be living in a world where people are asking him about what it was like to play a soldier. So I think the combination of all these things percolating is going to lead him towards this journey of discovering a bit more about his father.”

Laughing at how she wants fans to “relax this summer” as they wait for new episodes, Berger revealed that even though the Pearson clan earned some closure on Jack’s death at Kate’s wedding, his story is far from over. AKA Milo Ventimiglia is not going anywhere, thank Jack!

“I hope people will be excited to see chapters of Jack’s life explored that we have not yet seen,” she said. “There’s still so much about him that we don’t know — that his kids don’t know, that his wife doesn’t know — that I think it’s going to be really exciting to see him in completely new situations.” Thankfully, unlike the Pearsons, we don’t have to say goodbye to Jack anytime soon on This Is Us.

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