We just learned there’s a long-lost Pearson, and our hearts can’t even right now

Warning! Spoilers from Season 2, Episode 5 of This Is Us, “Brothers,” lie ahead!

This week’s This Is Us took a cue from its title and focused, in part, on the relationship between brothers Randall and Kevin. But they weren’t the only brothers in the spotlight. No, no, no, because This Is Us decided to drop a huge, mega, gigantic bombshell on us

Jack has a long-lost brother named Nicky.

We first meet him when the brothers — who look to be elementary age — are sitting in a car, waiting for their dad to return. Nicky asks where their dad is and when he’s coming back. Jack points to what we can infer is a bar nearby and says he probably won’t be back for a while. “But don’t worry, Nicky,” Jack assures. “I’m not going anywhere.” From this, it seems safe to assume that Nicky is the younger brother, given Jack’s protectiveness.

We then see a restless, grown Jack get up in the middle of the night and head to what looks like the basement, where he pulls a small box out of a cabinet. In the box are photos from Jack’s time in the service, including one photo of Jack and a group of men. Look a little closer and…

I spy with my little eye a man wearing a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses that look a whole lot like those of Young Nicky…

We soon see “PEARSON” sewn onto that man’s uniform and it’s clear: Jack and his brother both went to (and presumably fought in) the Vietnam War. But since we have yet to see Nicky, did he not make it back home? Did that contribute to Jack’s alcoholism? Is Nicky still alive, but hasn’t remained in touch with the family for some reason?

Naturally, we have so many more questions. Here’s hoping some of them get answered in the coming weeks.

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