Someone updated the Wikipedia page for Jack’s *actual* cause of death, and honestly, we get it

It finally happened. The This Is Us moment we wished would never actually come arrived, and Jack Pearson is dead. (Okay, we already knew he was dead, but now we know how it happened and it feels really real.) Even after more than a year of build-up and endless speculation, nothing could have prepared us for the moment that is Jack’s on-screen demise. And honestly, we’re still trying to find ways to cope.

If you haven’t watched yet, now might be a good time to turn around, because This Is Us #SPOILERS and #TEARS lie ahead…

Before the big reveal, most theories pointed to Jack dying in, or as a result of, the Crock-Pot-induced house fire. In the most recent episode, as promised, we find out what exactly he died from: America’s favorite TV dad managed to come out of the house in one piece (and in heroic fashion, no less) and ultimately died at the hospital after going into cardiac arrest due to excessive smoke inhalation.

After running out of tissues to wipe tears (we can only assume), fans were quick to resort to other less conventional coping mechanisms, like repeatedly updating the Wikipedia page for “smoke inhalation.” false


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And what a way to honor Jack Pearson — an extraordinary father, husband, and friend. It’s also an act of love and a reminder for everyone to change their damn smoke alarm batteries!

Milo Ventimiglia — the man, the myth, the legend behind Jack — clearly understands it’s a difficult time for us fans, and tried to console everyone after the episode because he’s perfect like that. And naturally, that made us all sob even harder. false

We still have a day ’til the next episode, and like we’re looking forward to it, but we’re also already crying about it, you know? Because Mandy Moore — who plays the incredible Rebecca Pearson — revealed that the next installment is going to be even more intense. “I dare say, it’s even more heartbreaking,” she told Today.

This Is Us returns Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on NBC, and you bet we’ll be keeping a close eye on Wikipedia after it ends.

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