One Redditor just came up with a bonkers theory about Jack’s death, and it’s so out there it might be true

We all know that Jack dies on This Is Us. It’s more a matter of when and how. (Many now believe he died in the house fire that was revealed at the end of the Season 2 premiere, but we’re still waiting on exact details.) But…what if we’re wrong? What if Jack didn’t die? And the Pearson family was just led to believe that Jack is dead?


But that’s exactly what one Redditor is positing. Considering This Is Us’ penchant for big twistsReddit user Dreamer0710 believes the show might be gearing up to pull off its biggest twist of all: Jack is alive.

“I think Jack continues to have drinking problems, maybe he accidentally hurts Kevin and that would explain the cast,” Dreamer0710 writes. “I think Jack gets drunk at a bar and ends up getting into a fight with the wrong people. He gets severely beat up/robbed.”

That sounds within the realm of possibility, but just you wait!

Things are about to get *real* crazy…

"The robber has his wallet and goes to the house to rob it or hurt the family," Dreamer0710 continues. "Kate may be home and the dog starts barking at the intruder. Kate gets distracted by the dog and accidentally starts a fire. The robber gets trapped inside, dies and [the] body is unrecognizable...except for the ring, watch and identification in wallet. Mistaken identity. No one would have any reason not to think it wasn't Jack."


Dreamer0710 theorizes that Jack feels responsible for the attempted robbery and fire and decides not to reveal himself to spare the family from any trouble he might cause. And in the event that he realizes that’s a dumb decision, he might see how happy Rebecca and Miguel are — and choose not to get in their way.

"When Jack recovers, he feels so guilty that he hurt his family, he truly believes they are better off without him and does not say he is actually alive. Maybe later he comes to his senses, and tries to go back to family, but finds out Rebecca and his best friend are together. At that point, he stays away for good."

Though away, Dreamer0710 is sure that someone will find Jack in time.

Perhaps Randall while in the process of adopting a child who’s had a hard life because Jack, too, has had a hard life. Maybe Randall will just happen to come across him.

Dreamer0710 admits that this theory has a lot of twists — and, um, understatement — but believes that a big twist about Jack’s death is in store. We don’t disagree, but maybe this isn’t what the writers have planned.

In any case, it’s interesting food for thought to hold us over until This Is Us returns to NBC on Tuesday.

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