No surprise here: “This Is Us” is the BIGGEST show of the season

If you’ve tuned in for the last three episodes of This Is Us, you know it’s great. Actually, it’s not just great, it’s AMAZING. In a sea of time-traveling shows, and cop shows, and Shonda Rhimes shows, This Is Us is new and exciting and begs you to watch it every week — let alone cry with every week. This Is Us is not short on the waterworks, and it’s okay to admit you’ve already cried three times…during each episode.

It’s also not just a great show that will make you cry, but an actually television show success story. Right around this time of year, we always start hearing about how television shows are failing and are on the brink of cancellation. Not This Is Us. Instead of dipping in ratings for the third episode, it actually increased in numbers. That is completely unheard of.

The pilot episode of This Is Us was watched by 10.7 million people, which is a ridiculously high number. The second episode was watched by 8.75 million people, which is still hella big — it was also at this time that This Is Us was renewed for a second season. As for the third episode, 9.87 million people tuned in, and that’s not even counting how many people are still watching it on-demand, on Hulu, and on the NBC app.


Basically, if you’re not watching this show you should be, because soon every single human you know on the planet will be watching. And you don’t want to be left out, right? You can catch up with the show on Hulu or NBC right now…and grab a few boxes of tissues before you do.

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