This “Grey’s Anatomy” doctor thinks she could have saved Jack on “This is Us,” and we needed that crossover

At this point, everyone and their mother already knows why, how, and what killed Jack on NBC’s This Is Us. No, it most definitely wasn’t the Crock-Pot’s fault. And we know what you’re thinking — it’s not Kate and Louie the dog’s fault either. NOPE. But some do believe Jack ultimately died due to the neglect of the hospital staff, and that includes Grey’s Anatomy star, Sarah Drew — who plays April Kepner on ABC’s medical TV series.

According to her, if only Kepner had been there, Jack probably would have made it. And honestly, that has us downright devastated that This Is Us’ “Super Bowl Sunday” wasn’t a crossover with Grey’s Anatomy. (Yes, we realize they’re on different networks, and that Jack’s story is set in a different time period, BUT STILL.)

On Twitter, Sarah Drew weighed in on the medical blunder. When a fan pointed out how unfortunate it was that April Kepner wasn’t Jack’s physician, she wholeheartedly agreed.


Grey’s Anatomy fans will remember that back in Season 6, Kepner was fired due to an oversight that cost her a patient’s life. See, she had been assigned to treat a burn victim, but due to the hustle and bustle of the ER, she failed to perform a standard exam — checking the patient’s airway.

Since the patient seemed okay, she was only treated for burns. And unbeknownst to Kepner and everyone else, the patient had soot in her throat due to smoke inhalation. A few moments later, her lungs collapsed, and she died. Ring a bell?

It was all too similar to what happened with Jack. He, too, died due to an organ failure (a heart attack, to be specific) caused by smoke inhalation. The hospital staff only treated him for burns and failed to run additional tests.

Grey’s fans who watched the tragic “Super Bowl Sunday” episode echoed in unison.

They all thought that the This Is Us doctors pulled an April Kepner.

The next time the (present-day) Pearsons step foot in a hospital, we hope they’ll consider flying to Seattle for Grey Sloan Memorial. And maybe take April Kepner — who is well past her major mistake — up on her services while they’re at it.

Is a This Is Us/Grey’s Anatomy crossover episode too much to ask for? Make it happen, TV gods!

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