“This Is Us” might have just hinted at what happens to Jack in the future

Sometime between 1979 and 2016, something happens to Jack on This Is Us. What happens to him? We’re still not sure; we just know that present day, he and his wife, Rebecca, are no longer together (and Rebecca appears to have re-married Jack’s best friend, Miguel, and it is kinda scandalous). His absence from the present day storyline is driving us a little bit crazy, and we’re desperate to know where he is — have he and Rebecca separated? Divorced? Is Jack *gulp* dead?

In the latest episode of the NBC hit, This Is Us might have just hinted at what happens to Jack in the future, and it’s not at all morbid. What happens if Jack actually left Rebecca to have more kids?

Hear this: Maybe Jack’s not completely out of the picture (and we’ll see Future Jack at some point), and he’s still very much in the lives of his three kids — Kyle, Kate, and Randall. But what happens if he wanted MORE kids, and Rebecca put her foot down and said no? Jack and Rebecca divorced, and now he has a second family.

It would honestly be like *too much* for our emotions to handle Jack DYING, so let’s go ahead and assume (also hope and pray) that Jack doesn’t meet an early end on This Is Us. Considering the events of Episode 2, we could guess that maybe Jack goes back to drinking, and Rebecca kicks him out of the house because. But, honestly, since that’s already been established we’re kinda expecting that to happen, you know? And if there’s one thing This Is Us is already REALLY GOOD at, it’s giving us ~twists~!

Jack being the one to leave Rebecca would be an unexpected twist.

During the final moments of the latest episode, “The Pool,” Jack brings up the idea of having another baby to Rebecca.

"Hey, is now a bad time to mention having another kid?" He asks, and Rebecca just straight up ignores him.

During the episode, we learn that Rebecca is struggling to keep it all together with her three kids, and no, she’s probably not thinking about adding a fourth to their family. Jack clearly is. We might be all wrong in thinking that Rebecca kicks Jack out of the house for drinking, or he dies (nooooooo he can’t die).

Jack just might want to have 1-5 more kids, and Rebecca is like “hard pass.” So they divorce, and in an upcoming episode will meet Future Jack and his other family. That’d certainly be another interesting ~twist~ for This Is Us.