Prepare your mind, body, and soul — The “This Is Us” finale will be INTENSE

After 18 episodes, and 1,800 boxes of tissues later, the freshmen season of This Is Us is coming to a close. We’ve been through a whole lot of ups and downs, along with heartbreaks and laughter, when it comes to the Pearson family — both in the present day, and in the past. Now as the season ends, don’t you dare for a second think that This Is Us isn’t going to go out with BANG.

And by BANG we mean, hysterical crying for probably three-ish hours, maybe more.

The season finale may/may not reveal the circumstances surrounding Jack’s death, something that has been teased since the very first episode of the series. We’re nowhere near prepared for this revelation, and Milo Ventimiglia knows.

“Papa Pearson is very concerned for the audience right now," He explained to Entertainment Weekly. “People want to know what happens with Jack. This may be the time when they find out.

“[The episode is] definitely heartbreaking, but it has the [series creator Dan] Fogelman wink and a smile that will keep you thinking about what just happened,” Milo continues. “That’s been always the best part about – you can call them cliffhangers — with our show.”

As for what Dan Fogelman has to say about the episode, his words are also not comforting, calling the season finale, “a very intense hour of television.”

“[The finale] is going to answer some questions and make people ask some new ones, and change a lot of people’s perceptions about where they think the show is going, Dan continues. “Without giving much away, it changes everything — and maybe in ways people might be talking about, maybe in other ways.

Oh, come Wednesday morning we will certainly be talking about it. Also, probably crying about it. And there’s a high chance we will keep on crying about it until This Is Us returns in the fall.

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