The last two minutes of the “This Is Us” season premiere were filmed a week ago, because SPOILERS

When it comes to spoilers, it appears as if This Is Us doesn’t mess around. For Season 2, the NBC drama is going to Game of Thrones lengths to make sure that nothing leaks out from the set — especially, when it relates to the unfortunate demise of the Pearson patriarch.

As we learned during Season 1, Jack Pearson (played by the “damn near perfect” Milo Ventimiglia) dies some point during the Big Three’s childhood. The Season 2 premiere, “A Father’s Advice,” clued us in to that it happens when Kate, Kevin, and Randall are 17. Going even further than that, we learned how he probably died — and I have to say probably because this is This Is Us and dramatic moments are always more than meets the eye.

The episode ended with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) driving in the family car wearing a Steeler’s shirt, with Jack’s personal affects in the car with her. She has more than likely just come from the hospital/morgue, and over at Miguel’s house, Kate and Randall are inconsolable.

Rebecca is feeling the same as she pulls up in front of the Pearson’s house. She completely breaks down as the camera shows us the house has been destroyed in a fire. Cue, tears.

This is a huge piece to the Jack Puzzle, because we can assume that Jack died in the fire that destroyed their home. This end-of-episode reveal was so top-secret that This Is Us only filmed this scene a week and a half ago to ensure that it wouldn’t leak out.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us creator, Dan Fogelman, revealed that they took even more precautions to keep everything under wraps.

"We built a replica of the house five hours away, we had code names for everything, he explained. “Mandy came to set and they put her in the car and what you see is literally her first take. After all that planning, it was like 30 seconds and then we were done.

Wow, Mandy did that on her first take? Sure sounds like someone should have been nominated for her work during the 2017 Emmys. Here’s to way more tears, and so many well hidden secrets, this season.