Sterling K. Brown just posted this delightfully awkward deleted scene from This Is Us

While we mostly associate This Is Us with (gallons of) tears, every now and then the show hands us a genuinely LOL-worthy moment. And Season 3 has already felt a little lighter—mostly because the anticipation surrounding Jack’s death is now officially behind us.

However, one of the more emotional storylines this season entails Kate and Toby’s struggle to have a child. The couple officially decided to try for IVF this season, and in the recent “Katie Girls” episode, they begin the process. After a particularly nasty fight between Randall and Kate just before her procedure, Randall impulsively flies out to L.A. to support Kate as she undergoes the egg-retrieval process. Randall’s appearance in L.A. also gave him a chance to bond with Toby.

But apparently the incredibly frank (and important) conversation between the guys wasn’t the only bonding they did during the episode.

Last night, October 9th, Sterling K. Brown took to Twitter to share a deleted scene from the ep featuring Randall and Toby—and it may just be the most delightfully awkward thing we’ve ever witnessed. The clip features Randall hanging out in the waiting room as Toby attempts to deposit his sperm offscreen (hey, it’s necessary for the process).

Unfortunately, with Kate in surgery, an anxious and stressed out Toby feels unable to, um, perform. The situation allows Sterling K. Brown to show off his woefully underused comedic timing as Randall steps into classic Pearson Fix-It mode with some light coaching.

It’s awkward, funny, and just what we needed today:

We’ll never be able to look at Chopped the same way again. Honestly, it was worth it.

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