Everyone is completely unfazed meeting the cast of “This Is Us” in this hilarious “Billy on the Street” clip

This Is Us fans might flip over the prospect of meeting the cast, but it’s clear New Yorkers are too cool to fangirl like the rest of us! The stars of NBC’s hit drama were the latest guests to hit the streets of The Big Apple on comedian Billy Eichner’s Billy on the Street, and it’s safe to say they had some pretty hilarious encounters with unsuspecting pedestrians.

As Eichner explains at the beginning of the clip, this is the first time in Billy on the Street history that he decided to pound the pavement of New York City with multiple cast members from the same show in tow. Unfortunately, it looks as though real New Yorkers are too good at keeping their cool— even when presented with the likes of Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, and Chrissy Metz all at the same time.

That didn’t stop Eichner from rushing them along city blocks in the hopes of finding someone who shares our collective enthusiasm for This Is Us though!


While quite a few of Eichner’s unsuspecting victims at least recognized the title of the show, as always, there were a few who had absolutely no idea what the comedian was on about.

“Miss, This Is Us! Are you watching it?” Eichner asked a young woman toward the end of the clip.

After the woman confessed to never having seen an episode, Eichner made her swear it would be the next show she would binge.

“I want you to check it out though, please, urged Eichner. “It made me want to speak to my step-son again!

While we’ve still got a few long months to wait till the show is back on the air, at least this clip of Bill and the Pearsons will hold us over for now.

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