The trailer for the next episode of “This Is Us” is sadder than all those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials

It’s not every day that a 60-second TV spot makes you cry, but This Is Us has really outdone themselves this time. The latest episode of the series, “That’ll Be The Day,” shows us the events leading up to Jack’s death on the show, and guess what? The next episode, “[TBD]” — not the actual episode title, it doesn’t have a name yet — shows us his actual death. Because This Is Us never wants us to be happy ever again, and listen, it’s working.

And for this next episode — an episode that has snagged the coveted post-Super Bowl spot on NBC — the trailer is 60 seconds of SOBS. I keep thinking about how every time I hear the opening chords of “In the Arms of an Angel” come on my television I have to quickly click away, because I can’t deal with Sarah McLachlan’s enchanting voice singing to me while I look at pictures of sad kittens and puppies that need help and forever homes. That commercial makes me cry on cue, and I know I am not the only one who feels that way. For this new This Is Us trailer, I’m having a hard time simply hitting PLAY because I know what happens as soon as I do — Jack dies.

I can at least adopt all the kittens and puppies that need homes, and keep them safe and warm forever. I can’t save Jack from the FIRE that destroys the Pearson house. Click play on the below if you’re brave and also feel like crying:

The trailer highlights some of Jack’s best moments, along with impacts that have greatly impacted his family. Randall is looking to celebrate Jack, Kevin is still looking to make amends with the past (OH GOD, HE NEVER EVEN SEES THE NOTE THAT JACK LEFT FOR HIM), and Kate still blames herself for his death.

And that’s not all, because we also see Jack go up against the flames that engulf the house. It’s just…it’s just too much. Give me all the sad looking puppies, I can semi-stomach that. I can’t even when it comes to this fire.

The next episode of This Is Us, “[TBD],” will air after the Super Bowl, whenever the Patriots are done running up and down the football field.

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