This is ~the~ video you need to watch if you’re so done with winter

No, it’s not a tropical beach to watch longingly, in fact it’s the opposite. Earlier this month, Portland, Oregon had record-breaking snowfall and the animals of the Oregon Zoo released a video of the animals playing in the cold fluffy winter stuff (which is what animals refer to snow as in their language, DUH). If the cold weather is bringing you down, you’re not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder is more common than you might expect, and it’s totally normal to have the winter blues once the holidays are over. Luckily, cute videos of animals exist to remind the world that winter can make it better!

For example, this adorable polar bear is LOVING the snow.


This snow-dusted sea otter couldn’t be happier to chomp on a shrimp.


Have you ever seen such a content seal?


The winter fun is just beginning for these water dogs.


“Winter is amazing what are you talking about?”


And yes, there is even a baby elephant to remind you that snow is magic.


D’awwww. So much snow fun! Watch the whole video for yourself and rejoice in the winter wonderland that the Oregon Zoo became.

The Oregon Zoo’s YouTube page has tons of cute videos of their happy creatures, and it’s worth watching to lift your spirits when cold gloomy days are bringing you down.

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