The chupacabra is the spicy anti-unicorn drink we’ve been waiting for

Maybe it’s too early to say this, but we feel like the unicorn trend is finally dying down. Instead of seeing pastel-colored food and drinks at every turn, we’re now seeing the anti-unicorn — all things dark, ghoulish, and goth. The latest retaliation to the rainbow drink has to be one of our favorites, and not just because of its name: Say hello to the Chupacabra drink, a drink so dark, so spicy, and so delicious, it may actually suck your blood. Just kidding…. Really, this is the drink for any vampire-loving, mythical beast-appreciating peeps who wants to try something new.

Created by California-based Swirl Fiesta, this is the anti-unicorn beverage with a kick. According to PopSugar, the drink, which is also called the Strawberry Niada, is made of  “lemon juice, strawberry syrup, fresh strawberry chunks, chamoy sauce, Tajín spicy seasoning, tamarind candies, and a piece of sour belt candy.” The deep red delicacy looks like a Bloody Mary, if it were actually made with real blood.

And in case you also need a refresher on what a chupacabra is, not to worry. We’re here for your twisted, creepy, history lesson of the week! The chupacabra, which means “goat sucker” in English, is a legendary beast who was first “seen” in Puerto Rico in the ’90s. Although the monster’s appearance is highly disputed, much like its existence, it’s said to stalk fields at night and suck the blood of unsuspecting victims.

This drink is the antithesis of the Unicorn Frappuccino, so next time you feel like unleashing your inner ghoul, you’ll know what to drink. No blood sucking necessary.