This is the Hogwarts house that most Americans are sorted into

It’s Harry Potter confession time. We’ll admit it: We’ve taken approximately four hundred Harry Potter sorting quizzes in our lifetimes. It’s unavoidable — any time you see a new one, you just have to take that opportunity to either yell at the quiz when it sorts you wrong or feel validated when it sorts you properly. The Sorting Hat does take your preference into consideration, after all…

Time recently created its own “science based” Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz. (Pause here to take it, obvi.) But they went a step further than most quizzes — they used the demographic data gathered from the respondents to put together some statistics about the sorting. Whoa!

This is basically like Christmas for Harry Potter fans.

Over one million people took the quiz, and of them, 500,000 agreed to have their data collected. Time used the data to analyze the country’s Hogwarts house demographics. It kind of sounds a little silly when you say it like that, but it’s also the most interesting thing we’ve ever heard. The quiz yielded some interesting conclusions, including which Hogwarts house most Americans would likely join.

It turns out that Americans are far and away more likely to be Ravenclaws, with Hufflepuffs in a reasonably close second place.

Somewhere between 45-50 percent of quiz-takers in the U.S. would be Ravenclaws. That’s nearly half the country in one house!

30 percent of respondents would be Hufflepuffs, which is no small number.

Especially considering persistent stereotypes about Americans being somewhat more aggressive than people from other countries and cultures, we sort of would’ve guessed the lion’s share of Americans would be in Gryffindor or Slytherin.

Yet only a little more than 15 percent of people would be Gryffindor, and just over 5 percent would be Slytherin! The rest of the data collected is super interesting and definitely worth a scan too.

The results also show that men were much more likely to be sorted into Gryffindor or Slytherin. Also, Slytherin is apparently overwhelmingly a house for the young. The amount of Slytherins trends downward as users report older ages. (Last addition: The highest percentage of Slytherins in the country is in Beverly Hills, CA. This should surprise absolutely no one.)

See you in several hours when we’re done obsessing about all of this data. Because WOW is it cool.

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