This is the drugstore exfoliating scrub Gigi Hadid will never stop using

As we’ve noticed from her countless beautiful cover stories and Instagram photos, Gigi Hadid has some seriously beautiful skin! The supermodel’s latest cover for Allure is no exception, and she’s let us in on her little beauty secret for keeping her skin fresh and glowy! It’s no surprise to hear that her favorite product is a drugstore cheapie that we’ve all used since we were tweens — St. Ives Apricot Scrub! Gigi has always exuded that low maintenance, California girl vibe, so it makes sense that it extends to her skincare routine as well. Her model-off-duty look is famously natural, and she admits to only wearing lipstick on her day off.

If Gigi trusts the St. Ives scrub to get her skin looking on point for her nude photo shoot, then we suppose that we can trust it for our raggedy winter legs!

How stunning is she? She looks like she belongs in a Botticelli painting!

And don’t you just love that we can just pick up our own St. Ives at our local shop? It’s such a simple way to stick to our skincare routine. It’s easy to just let our legs get craggy as soon as winter approaches, but this helps us stay on top of it!


Supermodel skin for only $3.67? Yes, please!

We love Gigi for always speaking her mind and being true to who she is — whether she’s talking about her sister‘s battle with Lyme Disease or standing up for herself after having to defend herself from an assailant — she’s the epitome of strength and beauty.

She inspires us to pick up some boxing gloves and get in the ring!

Is Gigi’s skin secret the same one you’ve been using since you were in middle school or is that just us? We hope she keeps giving us little tidbits of information on what she uses because it is working like a charm! Of course, it’s quite obvious that she was mostly born with it, but we’ll take what we can get.

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