Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite part on a dude’s body is not THAT surprising

At this point, everyone knows how darn relatable Jennifer Lawrence comes across in interviews. So it’s almost too much to handle that we have found out that Lawrence’s favorite part of a guy’s body is pretty much our favorite part of a guy’s body. While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her Passengers costar Chris Pratt (legit movie dream team!), they played the challenging 5-Second Rule game. When asked to name her three favorite body parts of the opposite sex, Lawrence revealed she really likes the abdominal V on men.

After naming her two other favorite parts of the male body — upper back and biceps (solid choices) — her time ran out and she tried to define that sexy pelvic V.

She took to charades to define them, but — alas — her time ran out.

She called it “that dent” — but any person who has ever appreciated a fit male body knew what she was talking about. Except Pratt couldn’t miss the opportunity to tease his costar that it looked like she might have been gesturing toward another part of the body that resides down there. Don’t listen to him, J. Laws, we got you.

Speaking of Pratt, he listed, “Lungs, nipples, and feet” before the buzzer went off. “In that order,” he clarified to the laughing Lawrence, DeGeneres, and audience.

Since the pair are going to be romantic in Passengers, their new film set in space, I guess it’s worth noting that Pratt can rock “that dent” pretty well himself. Like when he posted this shirtless selfie as he prepped for the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

So yeah, Lawrence is still as relatable as ever — even when it comes to objectifying the male body during a silly game. (Hey! Ellen made her do it!)

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