This is how to snag the ~to die for~ style in the “Scream Queens” episode “Lovin the D”

Welcome to your official Scream Queens Season 2 fashion recap. Here we will discuss the various lewks in each episode, complete with affordable shopping recs so you too can mimic the grandiose style of Chanel Oberlin and Co. Warning: spoilers within!

ALERT: We are now at the penultimate episode of the second season of Scream Queens! To brief us all on what the F is happening at C.U.R.E Hospital, all of the Green Meanies have been revealed including the surprising return of Wes, Grace’s dad from Season 1, as one of the killers. With Nurse Hoffel and Wes arguing over who gets to kill Chanel, Hester decides to hold a Green Meanie summit. It’s getting even MORE ridiculous, y’all!


Meanwhile, the Chanels are visited by Dr. Scarlett Lovin (perfectly cast with Brooke Shields), a fellow Kappa alum and host of daytime talk show, “Lovin the D.” Dr. Lovin has heard about the successful parasitic twin surgery at C.U.R.E. and proposes the filming of an episode of a LIVE operation conducted by the girls and Dr. Holt. The catch is, they have to pass the MCAT exam to prove they’re “actual” medical students.

Please pay close attention to #3’s flamingo necklace, BTW.


The test scene is by far, the most fashionable exam in ALL OF HISTORY.

I mean look at these bedazzled calculators — are you kidding me?!


The girls pass (with the help of Dr. Holt and Dr. Cascade and earpieces), and prepare to live their dream as TV doctors! Throughout the 10-hour procedure, Chanel repeatedly looks at the camera, narrating the procedure in perfect reality TV fashion, consequently slaying her television debut. “Damn, she’s good!” the publicist exclaims. OF COURSE SHE IS.


Even Chanel’s surgery spectacles are GORGE!

Let’s talk about this new uniform option of hers…SO GOOD.


Perfect for escaping a murderer!

And THIS lil’ number. HELLO NURSE! (Er, I mean fake doctor…)


Are you ready to throw your holiday shopping lists out the window and get some Scream Queens-inspired goodies for yourself?

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Switch up the candy-colored furs for something more neutral.


I know we LOVE all the bubblegum pinks and baby blues when it comes to the Chanels’ faux furries, but it only makes us appreciate it when Hester brings something different to the table. How cute does her gray fur coat look with her space buns?! This style from Choies is just $39.90 and comes in other colors if you’re not feelin’ those neutrals.

Wear L-O-V-E around your neck, baby.


How CUTE is #5’s LOVE choker? Grab this $7.90 style at Forever 21 ASAPINGTON!

A day without #5 in cat ears is a day without sunshine.


#5’s cat ear beret is a sold-out Eugenia Kim design. This similar style is available, but over 300 BONES! Forever 21 has a more affordable and equally cute version here for $12.90.

Oooh, SHINY!


Yo, I’m totally IN LOVE with whatever pretty-in-pink psychedelicness is going on with #3’s skirt. This iridescent sequin $80 version from Dolls Kill will calm me down…for now.

Mary Janes on steroids? We’ll take two.


My eyeballs immediately zoomed to this sheer sock and multi-strap, chunky heel situation on the hooves of one #3. These $53 Mary Janes from ASOS gives me the vapors, as they say.

Coming up next week… the FINAL EPISODE! Until next time, bitches!

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