Here’s the most important makeup tutorial of your life — how to recreate Jeff Goldblum’s look in “Thor”

It’s no secret that Jeff Goldblum is a shining constellation of shirtless beauty. In Jurassic Park he served as a shirtless backdrop for female scientists, and the exclusive preview images of Jeff Goldblum’s makeup look in the upcoming Thor movie prove that he’s still got it.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we figure it’s only fitting to unabashedly objectify a cis-het actor in his sexy makeup for his role as The Grandmaster. While we wait for more photos and details surrounding the new Thor: Ragnarok movie, we can contemplate the fact that we’re attracted to Goldblum’s makeup — but also want this look for ourselves! Perhaps, this is the true meaning of self-love?! Maybe, in this case, Goldblum is providing us with a psychological mirror into our own narcissism and sexuality.

Goldblum’s bright blue chin stripe pairs perfectly with his eyeliner in a Bowie-esque way.


It’s a specific feeling of him being your uncle, your fantasy lover, and your makeup aspiration all at one time. (Too weird?)

If you’re spiritually feeling that the Goldblum-as-Grandmaster is a look you need to try, we gathered some products that can assist you on your journey!

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In order to truly channel an ageless Elder of the Universe, you’ll want to first line underneath your eyes with the new Marc Jacobs Highligher Gel Eye Crayon in Out of the Blue, $25


Next, stripe your chin with some cobalt blue Lancome Metallic Lip Lacquer, $22


This will prove you’re the sexy alpha cosmic game-player.

You can also try mixing two shades from the new Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip collection, $22


Mix up the metallic royal blue, Iced Out, with the shiny silver Space Case to mimic his evil yet stylish stripe.

In order to let people know you’re a mystical immortal with possession of the Mind Gem, you can also go one step further and decorate your lips with some Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Heroine, $17


Once it’s all applied, make sure you find the article of clothing that closest resembles a gold vest and spin in front of the mirror like you’re thousands of years old and living in an elaborate fiction.

Got it?

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Now you’re all set to battle Death while perfecting your makeup game for the next Fashion Week.

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