This is how newlyweds Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario met, and it’s insanely cute

We love a good love story, especially when it concerns actors from two of our favorite shows, AKA Patrick J. Adams from Suits and Trioan Bellisaro from Pretty Little Liars. That’s right, newlywed Adams shared how he and Bellisario met, and it really is a tale straight out of our Hollywood fantasies.

In an interview with, Adams said, "We did a play together in LA called Equivocation. She was cast for the part of my romantic interest. We met and that was it. That was a little more than three years ago."

But things were difficult in the beginning due to their hectic schedules, so it didn’t work out the first time around. Which makes THIS gesture all the more meaningful! Adams decided that the only way to get real quality time with Bellisario and truly win her back was to try to get a guest role on her show Pretty Little Liars. Which is exactly what happened.

"Yes, we had broken up at that point, and I decided to audition for the guest role which I normally wouldn’t have and got it."

SWOOOOOOOOON! FYI if you’re curious about that episode, Adams played Hardy in “Reality Bites Me” in Season 1.

And the rest is history. This past weekend, the lovebirds had the most beautiful bohemian wedding in Southern California, where guests enjoyed a couple days of camping (or rather, glamping), and got to witness the bride and groom arrive in a converted bus! You know, like ya do.

You guys… it’s like straight out of a movie. We’re feeling all the love and good vibes!

Is it just us, or have the last couple of months been completely filled with otherworldly romance? From the couple who had their first wedding dance on a highway (because they were stuck in traffic) to the Russian couple who had their wedding officiated by a bear (yes, a real bear), the end of 2016 is certainly making us feel warm and fuzzy feelings.

H/T: Pretty Little Liars