This is how much the average American spends on beauty products compared to others around the world

Despite all of its issues, one of the many benefits that social media has bestowed on the masses is the opportunity for beauty lovers to connect with each other throughout the world — how did people learn how to do makeup before YouTube tutorials? Now, if we want to check out the incredible hair trends going on half a world away, all we need to do is open up Instagram.

And while the internet helps us see with our own eyes what people are doing across the world, the Beauty Price Index offers an in-depth view of the actual costs for beauty services, cosmetic procedures, and beauty products in 50 countries globally.

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The findings are absolutely fascinating.

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The index breaks down what each country pays for mani-pedis, waxes, haircuts, lipstick, foundation, anti-aging creams, hair dye, mascara, perfume, eyeshadow, nail polish, and more. You can clearly see what their beauty priorities are, and that’s something that even the magic of Instagram can’t really show you.

For example, Venezuela far outspends other countries across the boards in beauty products, especially anti-aging creams, foundation, waxing, and haircuts. On average, Venezuelans pay around $123 on haircuts while Americans typically spend around $75. Even more shocking, Americans normally pay $28 for foundation (on average), while Venezuelans spend $12,531. That’s a whole lotta foundation.

However, when you think about it, it makes total sense when you consider that Venezuela has a highly rigorous beauty pageant system. They’ve won pageant titles 22 times — that’s combining Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. That’s far more than any other country. And pageants are a valid and respected way for women to find success and propel themselves into their future careers.

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The Beauty Price Index also dispels some beauty stereotypes we see floating around social media.

When we think of Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden, we may picture low-maintenance beauty routines. But we were surprised to find that people in this part of the globe spent more on anti-aging products and makeup than their American counterparts. Who knew? On average, Americans spend around $6 for mascara, while Norwegians spend almost $15.

We were especially curious to see how Americans stacked up against French people, who we tend to put on a pedestal of chic, effortless beauty. While Americans spend more on mani/pedis, waxing services, haircuts, hair dye, and lipsticks, our fellow beauty fiends in France outpace us in spending for foundation, anti-aging products, mascara, and perfume.

That said, they don’t spend THAT much more (or less) than Americans in any given category, making it clear that we’re more alike than not. For example, we normally spend $39 on anti-aging products, while French beauty lovers spend $44.

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Another surprise: Japan outspends both France and the U.S. on perfume. They spend almost twice as much on fragrance as Americans do, and same goes for foundation. Americans normally spend $28 on foundation and $48 on fragrances, while Japanese people spend about $48 on foundation and $80 on perfume. Who knew?

Interestingly enough, Asian countries are on the higher end of the spectrum on fragrance spending and are outranked only by Russia, Australia, and Venezuela.

Seeing as Koreans are such a powerful force in the beauty scene, we were expecting their spending to be far above ours. Turns out that while they spend almost double what we do for waxing services, their spending on anti-aging products is only a bit higher, and they actually spend less on foundation than we do.

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We could seriously stare at this chart forever. What has surprised you the most? Does this index meet your expectations, or has it blown everything you thought you knew about the beauty world wide open?

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