This is Hilary Duff’s beauty secret to always looking young and refreshed

In a recent interview with InStyle, former Lizzie Mcguire star Hillary Duff shared how she stays looking and feeling young, and surprisingly for those of us who love a good vampire subplot, it’s not by drinking the blood of her victims. While sharing anecdotes of her adventures playing Kelsey on the show Younger, the 28-year-old actress shared one of her personal beauty secrets for looking young and fresh, and it surprisingly involves the over-the-counter eye drops Visine.

When prompted with the question of her staple trick for looking and feeling younger, Duff told the InStyle reporter,

'Well, I'm addicted to binge-watching shows, and I do it more comfortably with Visine. I recently partnered with them for their #ScreenOn initiative. Keeping my eyes bright and alert and awake is a good trick for looking younger. Then obviously drinking water, and under-eye masks — those things are a dream. The cast has those on pretty much every morning in the trailer."

Pretty straight-forward, right?!

It certainly seems to be working!

While you can grab Visine to relieve your eyes during your own binge-watching, you can also be like Duff and indulge in under-eye masks!

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Now we can all channel the dewey-eyed freshness of Duff.