This is exactly how much the Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection costs

We, and the internet, collectively flipped our lids when we saw Kylie Jenner’s holiday collection  yesterday. To say our minds were blown is an understatement, and we’ve been waiting to see just how many of our precious pennies it is going to cost us. Well, Kylie has graciously posted the prices for her holiday collection up on her Instagram and we gotta say, they’re way more reasonable than we were expecting, especially given how luxurious and gorgeous all these products are!

We aren’t saying they’re cheap — you’re gonna have to save up for sure, but we’re not feeling scammed right now, you know what we mean? She’s releasing exclusive lip colors, new Kylie brush sets, a glam Kyshadow palette, and this is her first-ever vault, so we gotta say that we’re really happy it’s not going to cost a fortune.

Too much beauty, it cannot be contained! It’s such a thrill to see so many luxurious, unique, and high- quality products altogether. It’s waiting for us, don’t you think?

Here’s a breakdown of all the prices and products:

Lip Kit Ornament, $30

Holiday Kyshadow Palette, $42

4-Piece Full Size Kit, $45

Creme Shadow, $20

Mini Kit, $36

Gloss Ornament $15. Metal Ornament, $18

Kyliner, $26

Makeup Bag, $36

Big Box, $290

Truly a thing of beauty! Our eyeballs are hanging out of our heads.

We don’t have photos of  everything just yet, so it’s nice to know there are still surprises headed our way! And like we said, not everything is outrageously priced. It’s worth it that they’re all gorgeous and we know we’re getting something that will look amazing on.

Lucky for us, there’s free domestic shipping on Monday, November 21st, when it’s released, and on Black Friday, November 25th. Be sure to have your internet browser ready to go and aimed at at 1 p.m. PST this coming Monday. This limited-edition collection is sure to sell out fast!

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