This is apparently America’s #1 comfort food

It’s no joke that we love ALL food, but especially that of the comforting variety. Because when you’ve had a long day, nothing beats curling up with a bowl of mac & cheese. And we just found out what the most comforting comfort food is!

Ranker took a poll to find out their reader’s favorite comfort foods, and ranked them in a (craving-inducing) top-ten list. And now, the mystery has been revealed. Will it be something sweet or something savory? Drumroll please… in first place:

Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

And we’ve gotta say, excellent choice. What’s better than gooey cheese slapped between two crispy, buttery pieces of bread?

via giphyAnd if you’re looking to create the ultimate grilled cheese, Jamie Oliver (AKA The Naked Chef) has a great recipe!

Second on the list is an obvious favorite: CHOCOLATE!

via giphyThen came PIZZA, because obvi.

via giphyFinishing out the top 10 were ice cream, french fries, mac & cheese, chocolate chip cookies, mashed potato, fried chicken, and spaghetti & meatballs. The list went all the way to 50, ending on a nice peach cobbler.

America voted well! Okay, we’re officially CRAVING ALL OF THESE THINGS.

via giphyFYI today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s, so at least one of our comfort food needs can be satisfied today!

Happy Tuesday, world.