This Instagram-famous makeup artist just created the most incredible lip art for CoverGirl

This news is just SO COOL! Instagram-famous makeup artist Jazmina Daniel began a partnership today with CoverGirl to advise the brand on lip trends, product formulas, colors, and shade names. It’s a perfect match, since Jazmina truly is a makeup ARTIST — she re-creates famous images and paints intricate pictures, all using lipstick on her very own lips.

She’s the talent behind the Selena lip portrait that made us go wild, and the incredible Beyoncé pregnancy photo shoot lip art, too. Jazmina’s CoverGirl announcement appropriately arrived on National Lipstick day, along with some amazing new lip art for the occasion. Jazmina wrote on Instagram,

"I am SO excited to announce that I am partnering with @COVERGIRL and will be joining their #COVERGIRLCollective in celebration of #NationalLipstickDay aka my favorite holiday!"

How she does it, we may never know. One thing’s for sure though: She worships the same musical icons that we do, and paying homage to the beautiful divas with bright, artistic lipstick designs is so fitting.

Recently, Jazmina revealed a Rihanna “Wild Thoughts”-inspired lip portrait.

It’s so good, it’s bad (badgalriri, that is).

It’s sometimes hard to believe that her lip art is real.


She even paints gorgeous scenic landscapes on her lips!

Yes, Jazmina will certainly make you re-think the possibilities of what your lips can do…in a totally non-sexual way.

Sometimes Jazmina posts videos of her artistry in action, and it’s as insane to watch as you’d imagine.

This new CoverGirl partnership is a big deal for Jazmina, and with 1.2 million Instagram followers, she’s totally earned this next-level platform. As POPSUGARhas pointed out, Jazmina is joining an elite family, as previous CoverGirl ambassadors include James Charles, Zendaya, and Katy Perry.

Really, we can’t imagine anyone more deserving than Jazmina, though.

Gosh, we could look at her Instagram for days. It’s so great that we’ll be getting even more Jazmina soon.