This Instagram beauty guru’s ombre makeup is celestial AF

When we need to step up our makeup game, we turn to the ridiculously talented beauty gurus of Instagram. Seriously, how do Instagram’s amazing makeup artists get such intense skills? We thought we’d seen it all, but this Instagram beauty guru’s ombre makeup is celestial AF, snd so mind-blowing!

Things started with this totally beautiful golden brown eyeshadow look combined with a super shiny blue lip color.

Katie captioned the selfie,

"CELESTIAL FALL: Eyeshadow- @nyxcosmetics NYC ultimate shadow palette in brights Eye glitter- @glittertubes in Caramela  Lips- @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_uk cosmic metals in celestial star"

So, so, *so* gorgeous!

But she couldn’t pick a color!

Katie captioned the photo,

"DOWNTOWN FALL: I can never decide on just one lip colour 😬 Lips- @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_uk liquid suede in downtown beauty."

Wait, we love this one too!

As a result, she ended up going with an ombre makeup look because, well, why not just combine the two colors?!

Katie wrote,

"Still couldn't decide so I went with both ☺️"

We’re so into this incredible ombre makeup!

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