This incredible illustrator turns your favorite celebs into art, and it’s *so* amazing

Probably the only thing better than the little moments in the ~celeb world~ that warm our hearts is the fact that one INCREDIBLE illustrator has turned them into art. And, OMG, they are seriously *so* good. Artist Alex Kim, a 24-year-old illustrator, captures star-studded moments and it’s actually the best thing we’ve seen all week.

See if you can spot your fave celebs as art!

1. That time Zac Efron went to see Simone Biles

OMG, our hearts.

2. This killer Harley Quinn

A highlight of the summer.

3. That time Gigi Hadid became a Tommy model

We LOVE the entire collection.

4. This dreamy NSYNC reunion

Our childhood loves have never been so artsy.

5. This flawless tribute to POTUS

Ugh, don’t leave us!

6. This beautiful ode to Bey and Blue

They’re killing it per usual.

7. This *super* flawless Drake

Never better.

8. That time Pokémon Go took over our summer

And our lives.

9. This famous Step Up moment

Yes, yes, yes.

10. This Bernie and Hillary work of art

MAJOR heart eyes over here.

11. This celebration of the 20th anniversary of Spice Girls

OMG, stop.

12. That time Selena Gomez made soda into art

Her hair, though.

13. This flashback to the lil’ Biebs

He was such a cutie.

14. And this one to our fave Harry Potter trio

BRB, crying.

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