This woman posted a photoset that reminds all of us that “healthy” does not mean “perfect”

It’s well known that beauty standards can be hyper-rigid and unrealistic, and they’re pretty hard to escape. The pressure to be thin, to be fit, to have a butt, to not have a butt, to have tight arms, to look a certain way are relentless. And no matter what size you are, no matter what kind of build your body has, you might feel those very pressures. One Imgur user, SomewhereUnderWater, was tired of feeling the weight of these impossible expectations. So she posted something that sparked a gigantic, much-needed conversation about body image.

Along with the photoset, the Imgur user added,

We are so on board with this woman’s positive, uplifting message. And so is the rest of the Internet. People have left comments about how inspired they are by the photos, agreeing that what matters is a person’s own experience with their body —not what anyone else expects of it. Check out what other Imgur users have to say:

Thank you! As someone who has lost a ton of weight, it’s hard to be happy with the new me when I see my belly not super flat all the time.

I can vouch for this. I look the same, like 20% BF or something but when I sit down I’ve got more rolls than a bakery. Don’t worry girls <3

Thanks for this, especially the photos on the right. People never show those angles, and it’s just very. . .real. And awesome. You’re awesome.

This is amazing thank you so much, I forget folds exist on anyone but me

The post has received so much attention, that SomewhereUnderWater updated her post, sharing how awesome she felt that she was able to reach out to so many people in such a positive, rad way.

Just the fact that so many people saw this woman’s photos and read her words show how many of us are deeply affected by unfair expectations and the pressure to have a “perfect” body, and how caught up we get in the idea that we lose sight of our happiness and health. What a powerful reminder for us all.

Image via Imgur

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