This hilarious salad selfie makes an incredible point about body positivity and dieting

For many of us, deciding we want to be healthier often leads to one thing: dieting. But dieting isn’t always the answer, and this amazing Instagrammer is remind us of just that. After all, health is so much bigger than what we do or don’t eat, and what kind of life is a life with zero sweets?! Body positivity advocate and major fan of self-love Sarah Vance just totally blew our minds with this *hilarious* selfie, and the amazing post that goes along with it.

Vance explained her understanding of body positivity, saying,

"I used to think without a diet I'd never eat anything with some type of nutritional value. When I decided to stop dieting, my biggest fear was that I would never eat anything healthy. I thought I would just be head deep in the brownie tray all day, everyday, for life. I thought I'd never eat a salad, and I sure as hell wouldn't eat Brussel sprouts."

She continued,

"I thought that was proof that I needed a diet. But if what you are doing is causing you mental, emotional, and social anguish - how is that healthy for you overall? And do you honestly think health is that easy?"

At the end of the day, she believe sometimes you just need a brownie (or an entire pizza).

"The health and fitness industry would love for you to believe all of this. They don't want you to think you're powerful enough to make choices that are best for you. (WHICH MAY BE BROWNIES)."

She explains,

"Maybe you have this fear. Everytime you try to break free from diet culture, you end up on the opposite side of the pendulum - full blown rebellion. Here is what you need to know: it's normal. It's a phase, and unconditional permission is the way through it."

Like, yes, lady. We’re so, so here for this. Because, seriously, what’s healthy about torturing yourself and punishing yourself for choosing brownies over a salad? Here’s a hint: NOTHING. Mental and emotional health matter, too, and it’s so important not to overlook them in pursuit of a false idea of health.

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