This highlighter and contour palette will make you feel like a true pop star with its singing-themed design

If you’re ready to glow like a pop star, the new highlighter and contour palette from theBalm Cosmetics will rock your world and have you hitting the high notes! Even if the only mic you’re grabbing is at karaoke, theBalm Highlite ‘N Con Tour palette will define and shine your beautiful face for the spotlight.

The feisty San Francisco-based company recently brought us a punny and funny food-themed eyeshadow palette, and they’ve done it again with the Highlite N’ Con Tour kit. The sassy package features a sexy diva silhouette with flowing, wind-tossed locks. This is a palette worthy of a Grammy!

The set includes two shimmer highlighters, two matte highlighters, two contour powders because clearly, it takes two to make a thing go right. A bronzer and blush round out the ensemble.

The formula is talc, paraben, and cruelty-free so you can emphasize your features safely and in good conscience. Contouring with powder is a little more forgiving than a liquid or creme, so even if you’re not a pro, you should be able to pull off a solid shading.

The packaging really commits to the music theme with a sense of humor and whimsy, with a cover that looks like a tour poster, and product info that looks like show tickets. The shadows are framed with a design resembling a sound mixing board, (mixing is kinda like blending, which is a crucial step in any contouring process) We’re ready to take the stage now!


theBalm Highlite ‘N Con Tour Highlight & Contour Palette is available at Kohl’s for $36!

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