This hero made tiny pancakes for a kitten, so the world is a little better now

Leaving your pets at home while you travel is arguably one of the most stressful aspects of pet ownership. But in the case of this guy who made tiny pancakes for a kitten while his girlfriend was away, we have to say this is the type of cat owner that every feline needs in its life.

According to The Daily Dot, before the adopted kitty’s owner Kenzie Jones traveled out of town, she reminded her boyfriend Chase Stout to feed their new pet in her absence. Jones told BuzzFeed Stoute sent her a text, asking if Mr. Wilson (the cat, that is) liked chocolate chips in his pancakes (YUM), and then he went and lovingly prepared the sweetest, most thoughtful pet meal EVER (that didn’t actually contain chocolate, BTW).


Jones and Stout are obviously the best pet parents ever. They’re already the owners of a German Shepherd named Huey that apparently loves Mr. Wilson as much as they do. Research proves that having a dog is great for your mental health, and we’re assuming that it’s helping Mr. Wilson adjust to his new home. false

According to Stout’s Twitter profile, he’s the owner of an auto detail. But given the popularity of his adorable kitten pancakes, we could easily see him making a fortune off his own brand of flapjacks for felines.

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