This ham and cheese sandwich resembles Vin Diesel

We’ve seen Vin Diesel in many forms. But we’ve never seen a ham and cheese sandwich Vin Diesel before right now.

Oh, yes — you read that right. A fan laser cut Vin Diesel out of ham and cheese, and put it between two pieces of bread, and it’s absolute perfection. In fact, it’s too lifelike to actually eat. Creator William Osman is no stranger to fun and intricate projects and even has a YouTube account dedicated towards his quirky passion. The Vin Diesel was actually suggested by a fan of his account, named “Restroom Sounds.”

Since Osman loves keeping the crowd happy, he decided to go for it. Watch the whole process unfold.

The first thing we have to point out? The miscommunication. Sometimes when we see the word “bust,” we think of something other than “statue of someone’s head and shoulders.”


But, lucky Osman and his team managed to make it work.

Osman used the lowest quality meat he could find, and used measurements to make sure his Vin Diesel was as perfect as could be. For example, he figured that one part of the bust would include 40 sheets of ham. And that’s a lot of ham. (So kids, if you ever think that math is a worthless subject, just remember that one day it can help you create a ham bust of your favorite actor.)

We also thought that Osman assembling the meat puzzle was pretty intriguing. (Even though we were a little weirded out by the mayo scenes.)


But alas! All of his hard work was put to good use. Just check out the final product.


"This would be like, ten to thirteen dollars at a nice restaurant," Osman joked after putting Vin Diesel's olive bread hat on top of his masterpiece.

We’re not going to lie — Osman is pretty much our hero.

While Vin Diesel hasn’t seen the sandwich art yet — that we know of — surely he’d be flattered by his deli meat portrayal. We mean, wouldn’t you be?