This guy tried rapping for 90 seconds on a single breath, and we’re gasping for air just watching him

When a subscriber challenged him to perform a “fast rap” for 60 seconds on one breath, YouTuber Mac Lethal kicked it up a notch and tried rapping for 90 seconds straight. The result is pretty impressive, but unless you can hold your breath like Margot Robbie, you’ll probably start gasping for air just watching him try to fit as many rhymes as he can into a 90-second single breath.

If you completely lost your shit over Shia LaBeouf’s five-minute freestyle rap, then we’re not sure how you’ll handle Lethal’s rap because he is going HAM on the mic, and his non-stop flow is completely mind-blowing to witness.

To demonstrate precisely how committed he is to pulling off this feat, Lethal takes the advice of a Facebook friend, who suggests he perform the Wim Hof breathing technique that deep-sea divers use to build up air in their lungs.

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Um, yeah. Sort of like that, but way more intense.

So, how did it go? Around 48 seconds, Lethal pounds his chest, and that’s not just because he’s trying to tell us that he’s a beast on the mic. Apparently, this helps to ease the pain, which offers a hint of what Lethal’s up against.

We don’t want to spoil the outcome for you, so here’s the full video:

Considering all the preparation that went into this unbelievable respiratory challenge, we happen to think fast rapping on a single breath would make a rather kickass Olympic sport.