This guy proposed to his girlfriend using the “Heads Up!” party game app, and you will cry

If you’re a fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you might know about a game called Heads Up! The game requires two people. One has a card (or, screen) out of their view while the other gives them suggestions and clues as to what that card may say. Usually, it can get pretty hilarious — and competitive — but sometimes, it may just get a little romantic. Case in point, one guy just used Heads Up! to propose to his girlfriend, Sierra. And he managed to do it in a pretty genius way.

YouTube user OneManFreakShow uploaded the video, and it was the first upload on his account. As it currently has over 67,000 views, it’ll be tough to top. (Of course, there’s always a way to try and incorporate Heads Up! at the wedding. Or perhaps they can ask Ellen DeGeneres to show up. They never know until they try!)

While the game itself costs 99 cents, users who are enjoying the game can buy customized decks for that same price, ranging from fun categories such as “Adult Supervision” and “As Seen On TV.” Or, users can customize their own deck if they so do choose, making a gathering a little more personal. That’s exactly what OneManFreakShow did. His deck included all of the movies they’ve seen on dates together.

You have to see how this comes together.

So, here’s what we learned — one, the two of them didn’t care much for the movie Downsizing. And two, she said yes! And even better, it looks like she had no idea this was coming.


Since it was such a clever proposal, we have to admit — we wouldn’t have guessed either.

Even so, this isn’t the first time that Heads Up! has been used to propose marriage. And we know it won’t be the last.

We hope Sierra and her future husband have a wonderful wedding, and many more movie dates in the future.

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