This guy met his doppelgänger on a plane and things got WEIRD

Sometimes, fate will gently suggest that someone is supposed to be in your life. Other times, fate will take that suggestion and hit you over the head with it until you’re like, “FATE, THIS IS GETTING WEIRD.” That is exactly what happened to wedding photographer Neil Thomas Douglas when he boarded a plane Thursday night . . . and met his stranger twin.

The story first came to our attention when one of Neil’s buds took to Twitter to share the totally crazy photograph of these two total strangers who look exactly the same. “Guy on right [Neil] is the husband of my friend. . . Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night,” she tweeted.

Yep, they’re strangers, but looking at the photo, you wouldn’t believe it:

At the time, Neil was traveling to Galway from Glasgow so he could photograph a wedding. When he boarded the plane he definitely didn’t expect to find his doppelgänger SITTING IN HIS SEAT.

“When he got on his Ryanair flight, there was a dude already on his seat. He asked him to move and when the guy looked up, he thought: ‘Holy sh*t, he looks like me,’” Lee told BuzzFeed News. “They had a big laugh about it – everyone around them had a laugh, they took a selfie and that was it.” So yeah, that’s definitely an interesting occurrence, but that’s not all. Not even close.

Neil thought his encounter with his doppelgänger would end after the flight, but then he got to the hotel. “Neil then checked into his hotel in Galway to find his doppelgänger checking into the same hotel ahead of him,” Lee told BuzzFeed. “They laughed.” Now here’s where we started wondering if this was some Back to the Future plotline. Neil went to the pub. . . and, well, things got SUPER WEIRD, Lee continued: “Later that night, Neil went to the pub and again, there was his twin. Total weirdness. They had a laugh and a pint. . . They did not even swap names! They were so freaked by it that their actual small talk was just like ‘BEARDS. THE SAME.’ All Neil knows is that his twin was in Galway for the weekend with mates.”

Except here’s the thing: Neil apparently has more than one doppelgänger out there. Lee learned that after her tweet went viral, and she soon started getting pictures from various red-bearded folks:

So really, fate was pointing to the fact that there is an army of red-bearded men out there who look freakily similar, and also, that life is really, really weird.

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