This guy making out with his beer on a kiss cam is actually making us laugh out loud, so, thanks guy!

It’s been a long year, so we’re basically thankful for anything and everything that makes us literally laugh out loud. Which is why we were beyond grateful when Cosmo brought this video of a guy on a kiss cam kissing his beer instead of his girlfriend.

Sure, it might sound immature, but she was cracking up, and we’re giving him major credit for commitment to the gag. As soon as he noticed they were on camera, he kissed his beverage, chugged it, and gently caressed his own head.


While unfortunately we don’t know who this beer-loving Lothario actually is, we do know through Mashable that this happened at the World Junior Hockey Ice Championships — so at least that gives us some context for this holiday comedy miracle.

So, thank you, nameless hockey bro, for bringing a little laughter and lightness to our day. Because, quite frankly, we needed this sir.

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Now excuse us while we wait for 2016 to be over!