This guy makes the most insanely elaborate sculptures out of broccoli

This might make you look at your veggies in the way you consider a painting at a museum. Artist Daniele Barresi has been making intricate sculptures using fruits and vegetables, which is a talent that we never even knew existed. And his creations, by the way, are stunning.

Barresi started catching people’s attention after a photo of a carved out avocado went viral. But avocados are just one of the canvases he uses in his work. He’s turned everyday food items like watermelon and broccoli into modern works of art. Even better, he shares this art on his Instagram account, which currently has about 44k followers.

The 26-year-old has already won awards for his carvings. And when you see them, you’ll understand why.

The broccoli is actually one of Barresi’s personal favorites, and we totally understand why. Have you ever seen broccoli so beautiful before?

And, that’s the avocado that gained people’s interest. According to an article posted on BoredPanda, this carving only took an hour of Barresi’s time. Prior to seeing this masterpiece, we totally thought that guacamole was the most interesting thing you could get out of an avocado.

You’ll never think of pumpkin carving the same way again after looking through Barresi’s account. Just imagine what his Halloween pumpkins must look like. (Amazing, obviously.)

Aside from sculptures and carvings, Barresi also makes pretty adorable fruit platters from time to time.

And he doesn’t just work with produce. A lot of his carvings happen in ordinary soap bars, as well.

Bottom line: Anyone who can make broccoli into literal art is beyond impressive. Daniele Barresi, we tip our hats.

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