This guy kayaked down a waterfall at night wearing an LED suit, and it’s the coolest sight ever

One thing we’ve learned from scouring videos of people doing random shit is that we need to spice up our lives ASAP. Mundane days of working with some fun in between aren’t cutting it anymore, especially when we could be kayaking down a waterfall in an LED suit.

What’s that, you say? Comparison is the thief of joy? Huh…well, in this case, we’re feeling more inspired to make some major life changes. With all the heaviness surrounding us, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to live a little before it’s too late, right?

So, we probably won’t be commissioning anyone to build us a vagina-shaped kayak anytime soon, but after watching professional kayaker Brenden Wells’ illuminated nighttime journey on White Salmon River in Washington, we’re willing to at least take baby steps toward connecting with our inner daredevils.

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Since kayaking is an outdoor sport that’s best suited for summer (splashing around in ice cold water sounds torturous, TBH), we have plenty of time to work up the nerve to actually try kayaking (during daylight, of course), then we’ll easily graduate to the wet suit-in-pitch-black-darkness stage in about the next couple decades or so.

But it’ll be worth the wait! It takes time and effort to develop the skills for this level of badassery:

So, a kayaking trip is definitely in our near future. In the meantime, we’re off to find someone to sew us a custom-made LED suit because we have to look good in our waterfall selfies to distract from the terrified looks on our faces.