This guy built a “Doctor Who”-inspired TARDIS library

We love it when people mix pop culture with education. And what better way to help educate than by building a Doctor Who-inspired lending library for the neighborhood? Dan Zemke from Detroit, Michigan decided to make this a reality in his own town. And yes, of course it’s shaped like a TARDIS.

For Zemke, “TARDIS” stands for something totally different — “Totally Awesome Reading Dispensary In Society.” Clever, right?

The concept of a lending library is pretty simple. You can leave a book for others to read or enjoy, or pick one up for yourself, totally free. It’s the perfect way for people of any age to discover new authors and stories.

Zemke and his dad built the library from scratch.

"I run a reading program at my medical center, and I'm like, why not combine that thing with the TARDIS right here?" Zemke said in an interview with WXYZ-TV Detroit. "So, it basically became a library."

The structure is 10 feet tall, and according to MLive, took a few months to complete. It’s been placed across the street from a high school, and a block away from a local elementary school, so children of all ages will have easy access to it.

It’s such a genius way to promote reading. And hey — perhaps it’ll inspire a few young fans to check out Doctor Who, as well.

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