This guy ate a bunch of fish for a year to see if it’s as beneficial as it seems

You’ve heard it constantly — fish is a solid protein. But is eating fish really that good for you? One champion decided to find out by eating fish every single day for a year while getting monitored. It’s kind of like a reverse version of Supersize Me, if you think about it. Why is he a champion? Well, if his results were negative, you could probably stop buying those expensive fish oil pills.

Speaking of, fish is high in omega-3 — and for years, omega-3 was the “trend” in health.  Paul Greenberg figured that it’d be an ideal subject for a documentary, which he called The Fish on My Plate.

The documentary aired on PBS on Tuesday. Here’s the trailer:

Can you imagine eating fish for every meal? We love seafood, but uh — we also love pizza.

Greenberg got the idea because he heard that omega-3 was supposed to solve almost everything.

"I've got slightly elevated blood pressure. I've got cholesterol issues. I have depression issues. I have sleep issues, and I don’t like it," Greenberg says in the film.

Now, for the bad news. Not much changed at all. In fact, the doctors noticed no difference in his triglyceride level or his cholesterol. Huh.

Some believe it might just be Greenberg. After all, the body doesn’t work the same way with everyone.

 But even The American Heart Association has come out to say that while omega-3 is helpful in people who have already suffered a heart attack, it can rarely prevent any heart issues otherwise.

Does that mean you should stop eating fish? No — just know that there’s no miracle cure out there that helps every ailment. Before you change or alter any health plan, you’ll want to chat with your doctor first, just like Greenberg did.

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