This grandma had the best 90th birthday party ever, complete with a cake smash

Many people don’t enjoy getting older, but there are always ways to make your birthday special. Miles Teller threw a chic party for his 30th birthday. Chrissy Teigen baked practice cakes for Luna’s first birthday to make sure she had the perfect recipe. And now, Australian photographer Brigitte Godwin has upped the ante with an epic cake smash video. But not just any cake smash video — one starring her grandma.

Godwin surprised her super cool grandma with a special 90th birthday cake smash photo shoot, and it was the cutest thing.

The video, which Godwin shared on her Pardon My French Photography Facebook page, quickly went viral. It has well over a million views! And when you watch it, it’s not hard to see why it has brought so many people joy.

It’s styled much like a first birthday cake smash photo shoot (which we’re sure Brigitte is asked to do a lot). Her grandma, who she refers to as ‘Nan,’ gets the royal treatment.

A cake smash is usually reserved for a kid’s first birthday. They get decked out in their finest party outfit (or they are completely naked!) and given a beautifully decorated cake that they are encouraged to “smash,” AKA eat with their hands or even just stick their whole faces in. It is pretty adorable when a baby does it, but it’s actually even CUTER when the birthday girl is a grandma.

Nan is a natural on camera, even if she flubs her lines a bit. The way she delicately takes bites of cake shows that she’s the epitome of a refined lady.

When a video starts with a 90-year-old grandma holding a sign that says “Cheers Bitches,” you know it’s going to be a fun time. In the video, Nan also sports a tiara, pearls, and a pink tutu. She looked absolutely adorable! According to Brigitte, it was her first time wearing a tutu. Nan also drank fancy French champagne and nibbled on a delicious-looking three-layer red velvet cake.

Nan is having a great time and is most definitely living her best life. It goes to show that joy and spirit know no age!