This gorilla breakdancing in a pool looks like CGI, but it’s 100% real life

Ever see a breakdancing gorilla before? Probably not. Let’s change that up by showcasing a video that’s making the internet crack up. The breakdancing gorilla in question is named Zola, and he’s currently living at the Dallas Zoo. Besides dancing, Zola seems to be somewhat fond of the water — particularly in his blue tub. So, it looks like he decided to combine both activities.

The original video was posted on Dallas ZooTube, and it shows Zola going (forgive us for this) ape while cooling off. According to the zoo, he was in the midst of a swimming pool enrichment session outside of his typical habitat.

While that video is amazing — as someone in the video utters out near the end — the internet managed to make it even better. How? Well, by adding a backing track. Video Producer Bob Hagh made it happen.

Needless to say, people were even bigger fans of the edit.

This actually isn’t the first time that Zola has gone viral. Back in 2011, the gorilla was located at the Calgary Zoo, and that’s when he first became noticed for his incredible dancing skills. Zola was enjoying yet another enrichment opportunity at the time.

(The Calgary Zoo happened to know how important the musical aspect was, and added their own track.)

If anything, these videos — in all forms — illustrate exactly how we feel about summer Fridays. Let Zola inspire you to let loose a little, and enjoy some time in the water.