The Internet is freaking out over this photo of a girl’s painted fingernail

While we all want to be beauty experts, sometimes we take shortcuts. Well, this one particular girl took a beauty shortcut by painting just one nail to take a photo, and now the pic is going viral. She wanted that Insta photo, but didn’t want to go through the headache of painting the entire hand. The whole thing is highly relatable.

A girl named Riley from Ohio posted a tweet about how her boyfriend caught her painting only one nail for the sake of a photo, and it instantly went viral. Why? Because it’s ADORABLE.

How cute is that?! In the tweet, Riley explained that she texted her boyfriend a photo of her holding a picture of the two of them. In the picture, her thumb nail, her only visible nail, was painted. How did her boyfriend respond? By asking if she had one painted nail! We’re LOLing so hard right now, you guys.

The internet began fangirling basically instantly, which doesn’t surprise us. It’s truly *so* cute.


Plus, Riley seems pretty pleased that her super-cute relationship is beloved by many.

Nothing but heart eyes for this adorable duo. And cheers to beauty shortcuts!