This girl’s daring selfies will scare you to death (but you won’t be able to look away)

In case you didn’t know it, photographer Angela Nikolau has the selfie game on lock. Although my stomach is doing an involuntary set of crunches after looking at her daredevil Instagram feed, I can’t seem to look away from the stunning pics. Based out of Moscow, the self-taught artist has made a name for herself by snapping selfies and photos of others posing confidently on the ledges of buildings and skyscrapers that no sane (or extremely brave) person would dare go near.

Usually, I’m impressed by selfies that make great use of natural lighting or when a celebrity looks excited in a selfie with a fan, but Nikolau’s empowering selfies are off the charts. If you flinched watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Walk, prepare to feel all of your muscles simultaneously contract:

Here she is hanging out above Hong Kong:

*toes curling against my will*

OK, this is cute and all but please climb down. RIGHT THIS SECOND, MISSY!

Fab, yet also scary AF:

Anyone else sweating profusely RN?

Whew! That was beautiful, but really hard to look at. If your heart can stand it, check out Nikolau’s Instagram for more breathtaking views.